Double Blood Bag

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Double Blood Bag ​ Manufacturer

Welcome to the Double Blood Bag by Manufacturer! This innovative product provides a simple and effective solution to storing and transporting blood or blood products.

Double Blood Bags for Hospital 11

Double Blood Bags for Hospital

The Use of Double Blood Bag

• Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
• Prevents the mixing of incompatible blood groups
• Minimizes wastage of blood components
• Ensures the safety of the donor and recipient by providing an extra layer of protection

Double Blood Bags for Hospital
Single Double Triple Quadruple Empty Blood Bag 2

Double Blood Bag Features

• 3.2% Sodium Citrate Tube for a variety of laboratory applications

• High-quality, reliable product for reliable results

• Easy to use, with a secure seal for leak-proof storage

• Available in a variety of sizes for different uses

• Non-toxic and safe for use in laboratory experiments

Reason To Choose Us

20 years of Medical Consumables Manufacturer experience

It is our professional sales team that ensures that you receive the best service

A strict inspection is conducted before each product is shipped from our facility

A strict quality control system should be in place to ensure the quality of the products

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a factory with over 20+ years of experience.

30% T/T in advance, and balance against the documents.

Our capacity can be 500,000PCS per day.

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